Reina De La Luna

17.Cali.Poet.Instagram: tonantzin_
I love too speak my mind with pictures ... don't judge my belief's. I have fallen in love. The easiest way of killing me would be losing you.(R.G)

I loved her more than anything.


I deserve someone who can commit to me.
I deserve someone who can appreciate my loyalty.
I deserve someone who’ll give me the same extent of love I give out.
I deserve someone who won’t abandon me when things get hard.
I deserve someone who’ll always care for my feelings.
I deserve someone who doesn’t merely want to be with me, but is capable.
I deserve someone whose actions stay true to their words.
I deserve consistency.

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—Netflix would be by far the best dating site. “Here are 9 other singles in your area who have also watched Breaking Bad for 12 straight hours”

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